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While test listening to some music that’s supposed to relax cats, I decided to check my Facebook and the first post I come across is “Holy Cow!!! To All iPhone Users” with this link  http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-10-30/tim-cook-im-proud-to-be-gay . I honestly thought there was some kind of bug going around on iPhone or something especially with the number of exclamation marks at the end of the word “Cow”. I also thought the virus might be cow related.

Anyway, my tech retardation aside, I now know that the CEO of Apple is gay and proud. Good for him. And that affects me as an iPhone user how? There were other posts too that went along the line “OMG I can’t believe it” or “he’s gay!!” with the same link. This changes nothing about my ‘feelings’ for Apple products. I will not upgrade from my iPhone 4 to a slightly larger, bendier and much more expensive version of the same thing regardless of the Apple CEO’s sexual orientation. It annoys me to even write that.  Also my Facebook is full of homophobes. I’m no gay advocate. I simply believe that everyone has the right to be with, and marry, who they want as long as its consensual. But I hate homophobes, bigots and  ignorant people in general with a passion. So for now I will resort to snide, sarcastic comments on their posts and then delete them from my Facebook. They are lucky I’m listening to soothing cat music.