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I ran my first 5K on Saturday. I think a more accurate statement would be ‘I ran 1K and then mostly walked the remaining 4K’. But I still consider it an accomplishment and above all, it was so much fun!

We started off trying to walk into the crowded starting area. I had no idea so many people would turn up on this chilly November morning in downtown Pittsburgh. We layered up of course and I looked at least 3 sizes larger than I am but no one really cared with how cold it was. It took us more than 45 mins from the time we walked into the area till actually starting the run.

Runners were doused in powdered color at every K. Although we had handkerchiefs tied around our noses and sunglasses to protect our eyes (and in effect looked ready to rob a bank!), I ended up with color in my nose and teeth at every color stop! At one point, a friend commented that I looked like I was snorting blue cocaine! The route was scenic so we had to stop for pictures, the people were entertainingly dressed so it was more fun just walking and looking around, enjoying the crowd and color.

In the end, I didn’t really run a full 5K (more like 1/5th of a 5K) but I don’t think I will mention this to anyone unless they ask specifically πŸ˜› I recommend this run to any first time runner because the participants come in all shapes and sizes, most of whom are not running at all or at least alternating between running and walking, so you will not feel awkward when you need to stop and breathe….or just walk the rest of the way like we did πŸ™‚