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Driving at Warp Speed!

I grew up in a country with no snow and in the US, last year was the first time I experienced actual snowfall. This year would be my second year in a state with proper snowfall. Last week I experienced my first drive through falling snow at what appeared to be warp speed! Seriously!

Gary picked me up after work and we were on our way to his place when the snowfall started. We were on the highway. I’m no Trekkie but I’m familiar with the basics, warp speed being one of them and that is exactly what it looked like! I had heard of the phenomenon before but this was my first time actually seeing it. But my excitement soon turned to fear when the snowfall suddenly increased to the point that the road became almost invisible. I froze with fear on my seat as I realized he was driving with almost zero visibility (also stopped taking pictures at the time). Luckily, it was a short burst and things cleared up within a minute or two. Gary smiled at my reaction and told me this was nothing, expect it to get worse as winter progressed. All that did was confirm what I had already theorized in my head – I want to live in a snow-less state!

Sure it’s pretty when you’re in your warm, cozy living room, cuddled up with a cup of hot tea – not so much when you have to spend 10 minutes putting on layers of clothing that make you look 5 sizes too big, only to step out and realize you’re still freezing. And the warp speed incident is the nail on the coffin. So now begins my journey of slowly and painlessly convincing Gary that we will eventually have to move.

On a side note, I looked on the interweb and found that my fellow nerds have already made the correlation between snowfall and warp speed.


Yup! We are sooo moving!