Hey guys check out my friend Gray Trimant’s blog! He writes poetry and fiction. He just started a series called “The Coming”. I personally think it’s pretty good. Why not give it a read and tell him what you think? Any comments and/or feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance! 🙂

Gray Trimant

A solitary tear rolled down Lucy’s weathered and bruised face, the deep lines and creases of a life of hard living and drug abuse disguising her true age of 32, her matted dirty brown hair clinging to her brow as the fear etched a new pattern on her face. The man withdrew the needle from her arm and quietly left the dingy, poorly lit one bedroom apartment. Lucy clumsily dialed 911 from her cell phone. Her grip grew weaker when the operator came on the line and she didn’t have the strength to answer. She knew help was on its way but, as the life slipped from her eyes and body, she knew it would come too late. (To be continued on next post).

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