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(I Can English Wednesday)

From a very young age I knew I was bad with technology in general. Computers, smart phones and all those other gadgets kids nowadays are crazy about. So I knew very early on I was not what you would call tech savvy. I had no problem admitting and labeling myself as such. Unfortunately,in this context,  I began to refer to myself as ‘technically retarded’.

I don’t remember how long I had been using that term to describe myself – definitely before moving to the US, but I do remember quizzical looks from people every time I told them I was ‘technically retarded’. No one really corrected me until I started dating Gary and he couldn’t contain his laughter when he heard it. It turns out he had heard me use it before and assumed it was a slip of tongue until he realized I was repeating it, unaware that I was actually saying it wrong all these years! When he pointed it out, I was horrified! The correct term is ‘technologically retarded’. All these years I had basically been telling people that I had an IQ below 70 (technically retarded).