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Re-blogging the second part of the fiction series ‘The Coming’. I have a thing for this kind of supernatural fiction. If you like reading fiction too, make sure you check out this blog!

Gray Trimant

Sheriff’s deputy Jake Tidwell had seen a lot in his six months on the force. His striking blue eyes and dark brown hair showed his youth while the dark circles under his eyes clearly painted the pressure and stress the job placed on him. He heard the dispatcher call for a unit to respond to a possible crank call to 911 but since he was only a few blocks away, he took the call. It was a dark night as he pulled into the driveway of the small apartment complex. The only light was that given off by the occasional flash of heat lightning in the distance. Jake got out of his cruiser and started towards the open door of the single level apartment, barely visible without the weak porch light. He  placed his hand on the glock g22 .40 caliber service pistol. As he approached the doorway he knocked loudly…

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