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Today I went on my first real American Thanksgiving meal. My neighbor and very close friend invited me to her house for Thanksgiving lunch. They also had some friends from out of state who were really great company. Their out-of-state friend decided that because this was my first official Thanksgiving meal, he was going to explain the basics to me such as : you may be tempted to pile your plate up with huge portions of everything – don’t! Even if you take small servings of everything, it will still be too much. Expect to need a nap right after, or in some cases during, the meal, and other such important tidbits about Thanksgiving meals. He was right on all counts. My friend had made an amazing stuffing and as soon as I sat down with a second serving of only stuffing, I realized I was already full. And there was still the delicious desserts – pecan pie and pumpkin cake…mmmmmm. The food was great, the conversation pleasant and flowing, and there were these really great honey-mustard-onion flavored pretzel pieces that I couldn’t stop eating! I also discovered my preference in wine – really sweet wine.

On the other hand, the man who has been a constant source of strength and support to me for the last 6 months, spent Thanksgiving alone. He had no family to go to and no special Thanksgiving meal. What makes me sad about this is not only that I couldn’t spend Thanksgiving with him, but also the fact that he was raised here and therefore having a proper Thanksgiving means so much more to him than it does to me. He has been understandably sad and gloomy over this Holiday season because he is spending it alone. I told him I owe him a turkey dinner. I told him we will celebrate all the occasions we miss on our own days at our own convenience. I have a lot to be thankful for and just because we couldn’t celebrate it together on the date most celebrate it on, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it on another date and time. I am thankful everyday for the things I have in life. That means everyday should be Thanksgiving for me – minus the food of course. I don’t want to die of overeating *groan*

So I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving this year. While I enjoyed good food and company, someone very dear to me spent it alone and sad. All we can do really is to try and make the best of things and keep moving forward in hopes of a better and more perfect tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!