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Reblogging the third part of the fiction series ‘The Coming’. Check out the other parts if you enjoy this one!

Gray Trimant

“Wrong place piggy”, the faceless voice hissed. In the eternity of time that can seem to exist  between fractions of a second, Jake saw all of the decisions and mistakes that led him to this point and place in time. The images, replaying like a badly cut and disjointed home movie, forced him to relive the moments in the foster system which shaped his personality – the temporary joy and fear any 8 year old child would feel when being brought to their first home (his was the Miller’s) and the disappointment from the subsequent neglect and mistreatment, the great sadness he felt when the Miller family sent him back for sticking up for Tim, another foster child, against the couple’s biological child after Jake grew tired of the child’s constant beating and bloodying of his foster siblings. The near deadly beating he took when he joined a gang in high…

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