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Human exoskeleton or top of woven jute laundry basket – however you want to look at it.

Sometimes I wish we humans had an exoskeleton. Before you go on to imagine a giant bug like alien or a human turned inside out, I should mention I mean this in a purely figurative manner. If you’ve read my previous posts today, you already know I’m stressed, depressed, over eating and drinking a lot of soda and tea which have lead to frequent bathroom trips. During one such trip, my attention was drawn to the woven jute laundry basket right in front of me (it’s a small bathroom) and I decided to take a closeup picture of the woven top. When I later looked at the picture (above), it almost looked like part of an external skeletal system, much like a bug. That got me thinking. What if we humans had an exoskeleton? Except this skeleton would not protect from physical but psychological harm. Imagine being enclosed in a bony cocoon that protects you from the mental pain that comes with being a fully functioning human being. Wouldn’t that be great?