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Reblogging the forth part of the original fiction story “The Coming”. Check out this blog to read the other parts! Will be waiting for more later tonight 🙂

Gray Trimant

Angelo and Harvey had just walked into the corner quick stop to grab some snacks and soda when the news came in dispatching them to an emergency call from deputy Tidwell. They quickly paid for their snacks and rushed out the door, hearing the familiar bell tone as they left. They were fifteen miles away, sirens blaring and lights flashing. As they sped through the town, Harvey got as much prepared as possible while Angelo navigated the turns of the streets with the ease and expertise that could only come from someone who had grown up on those streets. Angelo’s mother had been a nurse, mostly working night shifts, so Angelo knew all of the roads better than almost anyone.

As they grew nearer to the apartments, Angelo had to swerve to avoid hitting a tall man walking down the middle of the street. Wearing jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt, he…

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