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Haha! This is great! Merry Happy Hanukwanzaalightedmas everyone!

Grumblings Of An Angry Bear

I am writing this post to wish you all a happy holiday season. I do personally believe that the largest reason for this holiday season is Christmas and Hanukkah but I understand that some people feel alienated and segregated if they do not have a conventional reason for this season. So out of my feelings of joy and well wishes for all I have created a new blessing –  Merry Happy Hanukwanzaalightedmas!! That way, no one has a reason to feel excluded. No matter the reason you celebrate this season, I wish you all the most joyous time with your family and friends and may we all live to enjoy the  coming new year and all the joys, triumphs, successes and failures it brings with it. Much love from me Gray Trimant.

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