Disaster of the Day – Phone in Toilet.


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First World Problems

Yup! It finally happened to me! 3 years of being my best friend, my sole companion during bathroom breaks and I finally plopped her (yes my phone is a woman!) into the ceramic throne. When I heard the dreadful splash just after I got up to pull my pants up, I froze with fear for a second before my reflexes took over and I reached into the pot of golden yellow liquid, unimpeded by thoughts of the bowl’s contents. When she was out of the bowl was when I began to panic. What now? Thoughts of what I had just put my hand in also began to poke at the corner of my mind. No time for that, I told myself, need to dry the phone first! I ripped out a bunch of toilet paper and wrapped it around my phone while trying to organize my thoughts further. Rice! I had read somewhere and heard from the mouths of some apparently tech savvy people that dunking the phone in rice would help get any water (yeah sure it was just water) out. So I rushed downstairs, reached into the pantry to grab a bag of rice but that’s when the contents of the toilet bowl that I had just fished the phone out of hit me. I couldn’t possibly put the phone in the whole bag of rice and contaminate it so I poured some rice in the nearest bowl I could find and put the phone in it. There that was it. With nothing else to do but wait, I decided to get some lunch and check on the phone’s progress afterwards.

About half an hour later, I went to get the phone and it was still on. Actually one of my running songs had been playing the entire time it was in the bowl but there was no sound. I didn’t worry about it. I figures I had it on silent or something but seeing the phone apparently working fine, I plugged in my earphones and proceeded to turn on a mindless show on YouTube (it’s what I usually do when I have housework to do) only to realize there was no sound coming though the headphones. I turned the phone off and then back on, texted a few friends, turned the volume to full and still no sound. Just when I began to think that maybe it was only the sound that had been affected by the unfortunate accident, the phone turned off. Black and silent, she refused to cooperate. I realized, panicking again, that the phone was probably not dry, so I ran back to the bathroom, turned on my hair dryer to cool and low, blew mildly warm air into all the phone’s visible orifices from a safe distance. After about 10 mins, still no response. By this time a friend had returned home unexpectedly early, and I rushed to him telling him of my predicament. He asked me if I had turned the phone off. Too embarrassed to admit I hadn’t, I let him think I did. He then asked me if I’d taken out the SIM. Erm…no…how the hell do you take out the SIM in an iPhone? He showed me how and after successfully removing it, he dunked it into the bag of rice. I stared in horror, afraid to tell him how and where the phone had acquired the damaging moisture. It needs to stay in there for at least 24 hours, he said, but how had it gotten wet? Ummmm….I told him I had accidentally dropped it into a bowl of water in the sink while doing dishes. Yeah…. no I couldn’t tell him what really happened. Only you people know what really happened!

So my best friend of 3 years, my phone, now lies in a bag of rice, unaware of what the future holds. Will she come back? Will this be the end of Afrolivia’s iPhone4 (yes 4, that wasn’t a typo)? Is it safe to cook that bag of rice after the phone comes out of it (no seriously I don’t want to throw out a whole bag of rice!)? Will I survive a day without my phone? Stay tuned for updates!


Random Thoughts – Wishful Thinking.


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I first heard about the Twilight books from my sister while we were scoping a newly discovered book store. If you haven’t stopped reading already, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that this piece is not about Twilight and I am most definitely not a Twihard. The first Twilight book was displayed prominently at the front of the store, the haunting cover with the pale hands holding a bright red apple naturally grabbing my attention as I love reading horror, thrillers and supernatural fiction ( Stephen King is an all time favorite!).  I asked my sister for a brief synopsis and what she told me seemed anything but original – a typical teenage fantasy novel – but my sister insisted there was something special and unique about the story. It was different, she insisted, gazing dreamily behind my left shoulder. If you ask her now, she will never admit to saying that. Never.

Fast forward to the movies coming out. I had never gotten around to reading the books so I decided to watch the movie that people all over the world were going crazy over. After the watching the first movie I didn’t know what to think. Not only was the story line way below par, bad casting and atrocious acting made for a dreadful movie experience. I was more surprised than disappointed – surprised at it’s huge success. The subsequent movies were more, if not just as successful as the first, despite terrible reviews. Now I must admit there are a lot of movies that I like despite bad reviews ( e.g the first three X-men movies) but Twilight was just….Twilight….I don’t know what to say about it honestly! I was baffled by its popularity but a passing comment from a friend made me realize what made the books and movie such a huge success. “Do you know how I know that Twilight was written by a woman? The vampires shine, like diamonds, when sunlight hits them,” she said. Ah, the age old stereotype of women being obsessed with diamonds (I am cursed when it comes to diamonds but that is a story for another time). But it got me thinking about why Twilight was so popular. Isn’t it almost every woman’s dream to have a handsome, seemingly invincible and dangerous man (or maybe woman)sweep them off their feet (literally in this case) and make them the center of their world, to have this brooding,hellishly strong introverted (and therefore eliminating competition) man be hopelessly in love with her? Although in today’s world, women don’t need to be taken care of or need a man to survive and the feminist in me screams as I admit that I think most women, myself included, still have that little princess, perhaps pushed to a tiny corner at the very back of their heads, that still yearns for Prince Charming. And that’s what Twilight honed in on – wishful thinking.

I’m writing about this now because the other day, I watched a promo for a new series called Hindsight which hones in on another popular concept in wishful thinking – going back in time and living your life again knowing what you already know now. Think of all the wrongs that could be made right, how much better (and maybe even perfect) life could be. It tickled my interest but once again the acting and concept seemed a little cliche so I think I’ll pass, although I do wish I could go back in time and un-watch Twilight.

In conclusion, I think a surefire way to write a successful novel or short story or series or whatever, is to pin-point an idea that a majority of the population (or as much as you need to get your desired amount of fame and money) wish for but cannot really have. Concepts embedded in the wishful thinking of the readers (and of course some minimal skill in written English) is sure to bring success! There you go all you serious writers – your free advice of that day! Let me know if it works out for you!:P

Merry Happy Hanukwanzaalightedmas


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Haha! This is great! Merry Happy Hanukwanzaalightedmas everyone!

Grumblings Of An Angry Bear

I am writing this post to wish you all a happy holiday season. I do personally believe that the largest reason for this holiday season is Christmas and Hanukkah but I understand that some people feel alienated and segregated if they do not have a conventional reason for this season. So out of my feelings of joy and well wishes for all I have created a new blessing –  Merry Happy Hanukwanzaalightedmas!! That way, no one has a reason to feel excluded. No matter the reason you celebrate this season, I wish you all the most joyous time with your family and friends and may we all live to enjoy the  coming new year and all the joys, triumphs, successes and failures it brings with it. Much love from me Gray Trimant.

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Chronicles Of An Introvert – 1


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This is my first entry chronicling my struggles as an introvert. I have quite frequent encounters with situations that are either unnecessarily complicated or, in extreme cases, become disasters simply because of my introversion and what better way to talk about them than through an anonymous blog?

So today I’m going to a gathering for doctors in New York. The whole thing has been causing me episodes of palpitation and sweating ever since I heard about it. I haven’t done much to further my career ever since I graduated. I’m not married and have no children. So basically I’m a 31 year old, single, medical graduate who is very likely to bump into younger, more accomplished doctors who I know from med school. Not just that, I will also be meeting people who are likely to look at me with shaking heads and I-feel-sorry-for-you eyes. Most importantly, there will be too many people! Aaaaargh! In all honesty, I’m not sure if it’s my bruised ego or my introversion that’s causing the physical symptoms. Probably a little bit of both.

So why subject myself to such discomfort you ask? Well I’m going to need to look around a possible new work location and meet people who might help me further along the career path. But I’m still terrified. Hopefully I can maintain an impassive face and plastic smile. Mostly, I hope I don’t meet anyone I know but knowing my luck I probably will. It’s silly I’m stressing over something so vain when there are people in the world starving, freezing, homeless…..no it’s not helping I’m still freakin out like it’s the end of the world. Welcome to my life as an introvert. Wish me luck!



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Human exoskeleton or top of woven jute laundry basket – however you want to look at it.

Sometimes I wish we humans had an exoskeleton. Before you go on to imagine a giant bug like alien or a human turned inside out, I should mention I mean this in a purely figurative manner. If you’ve read my previous posts today, you already know I’m stressed, depressed, over eating and drinking a lot of soda and tea which have lead to frequent bathroom trips. During one such trip, my attention was drawn to the woven jute laundry basket right in front of me (it’s a small bathroom) and I decided to take a closeup picture of the woven top. When I later looked at the picture (above), it almost looked like part of an external skeletal system, much like a bug. That got me thinking. What if we humans had an exoskeleton? Except this skeleton would not protect from physical but psychological harm. Imagine being enclosed in a bony cocoon that protects you from the mental pain that comes with being a fully functioning human being. Wouldn’t that be great?

The Coming(4)


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Reblogging the forth part of the original fiction story “The Coming”. Check out this blog to read the other parts! Will be waiting for more later tonight 🙂

Gray Trimant

Angelo and Harvey had just walked into the corner quick stop to grab some snacks and soda when the news came in dispatching them to an emergency call from deputy Tidwell. They quickly paid for their snacks and rushed out the door, hearing the familiar bell tone as they left. They were fifteen miles away, sirens blaring and lights flashing. As they sped through the town, Harvey got as much prepared as possible while Angelo navigated the turns of the streets with the ease and expertise that could only come from someone who had grown up on those streets. Angelo’s mother had been a nurse, mostly working night shifts, so Angelo knew all of the roads better than almost anyone.

As they grew nearer to the apartments, Angelo had to swerve to avoid hitting a tall man walking down the middle of the street. Wearing jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt, he…

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Cold And Bleak, Day and Future.


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Current view from my window.

There are days when I feel I can conquer the world and then there are days like today. It’s snowing and miserably cold outside but it feels even colder inside. I’ve been feeling alone, isolated and a failure for so long that sometimes I feel there is nothing else I’m capable of feeling. Sorry this is such a gloomy post but I feel like the day is much like my future – cold and bleak 😦 But life goes on so back to the job search! I’m still going to grumble and complain though.

Woes Of An Emotional Eater.


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There are two things I do when I’m stressed. The first is one I think a lot of people do – bite my nails, but it goes to a  more severe and sometimes bloodier extent if I run out of nail and the stressor continues to exist. I remember I once had a patient ask me if I had a vitamin deficiency because of how frayed, bloody and tattered my nails and surrounding areas were.

The second is I eat. I eat until I can eat no more and then keep eating. I think this habit started early during exam time at school. The only acceptable circumstance for not being at the study table, according to my mother, was if I was eating, so I think it started as an early excuse to not study and gradually developed into a habit. As an adult, I don’t have my mother with her dangerously low whisper asking me why I’m not studying when I should (I wish I did though) but the eating habit remains. Today has been a particularly disastrous day so far. I’m trying to maintain acceptable fingertips, even letting my fingernails grow a little, so the brunt of my stress was placed on food consumption.  Its 4pm and since morning I’ve already eaten food amounting to at least 4 full meals! It also appears I can get more done when I’m stressed.

So in conclusion, I can’t win! I can either be fat and successful or thin and a failure. I hate adulthood!